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Get to Know Us

Poohmedia is a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary woman - the founder's late mother, who inspired the very essence of our video production company. We capture the sincerity and integrity she embodied, infusing these qualities into every aspect of our services. Originating in the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, our roots are firmly planted in a city renowned for its creativity and artistic expression. It was here, amidst a backdrop of diverse cultures and spirited innovation, that the foundations of Poohmedia were born. We now call Dallas, Texas, our home, bringing a fresh perspective and continued commitment to delivering engaging videos. Our belief in the power of storytelling lies in genuine emotions, unfiltered narratives, and unpolished moments that make each individual and event unique.


Our Focus

We help businesses through strategic video solutions, we drive results and maximize return on investments (ROI). We go beyond video production, leveraging data-driven strategies that align seamlessly with your goals and deliver measurable results.

Ready to make an impact?
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Poohmedia is a Dallas, Texas based video production company that specializes in helping businesses thrive. With our help, we can visually bring your company to new heights by creating engaging video content that speaks directly to your target audience.


Phone: ‪(469) 634-2433 

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